Datacenter : Cisco Nexus Switch with 400 Gbps module Support

Oct 31, 2018- Today Cisco announces 400G Datacenter switch. Earlier Arista, Edge Core announced 400G switches in the market. Cisco come up with the various models in 400G datacenter switches. 

With the new Cisco Datacenter 400G switches which permit customers to produce more impressive networks, extra cost-effectively and in a segment of the space. They bring four times the bandwidth and four times the scale of existing switches with the same power. The new Cisco 400G switches are built on Cisco’s leading Nexus portfolio having NS-OX operation IOS image, clients can pick to deploy 400G in the way that unsurpassed meets their requirements. They can be used on their peculiar or in combination with Cisco’s leading security, automation, visibility and analytics software.

Fig 1.1- Cisco Nexus with 400 Gbps Module Support
Similarly Arista, Cisco used QSFP-DD modules for the 400G connectivity for the next generation networks. They are trying to build the bi-directional 400 G optical networking.

With the help of Cisco 400G Datacenter switching portfolio, we can get the below support:
  • We will have Superfast policy, segmentation and whitelisting
  • You can get the Real-time visibility into packets, flows and events ,beyond just data sampling and system telemetry.
  • You can have Smart buffering for big data or storage and machine learning workloads with dynamic packet prioritization
  • You can have the Lowest latency, with an ability to prioritize critical traffic on demand.
Various models supporting 400G in the datacenter portfolio

  • Cisco Nexus 9316D-GX : 1RU switch
  • Nexus 93600CD-GX: 1RU switch
  • Nexus 3408-S: 4RU switch
  • Nexus 3432D-S: 1RU switch
Nexus 9316D-GX
This is a 1RU fixed switch having 400 G ports. You can get 16 ports with 400G of speed. It can be used as Spine switch in Spine-Leaf architecture. 

Nexus 93600CD-GX
This is a 1RU fixed switch having 400G ports. You can get 28 ports with 400G of speed. It can be used as Spine switch in Spine-Leaf architecture. 

Nexus 3408-S
This is a 4RU switch with 8 slot chassis, This switch can provide total of 128 ports of 100G or 32 ports of 400G. 

Nexus 3432D-S
This is also a 1RU fixed switch with 400G ports. You can have 32 ports with native 10/40/100/400G and break-out 2 x 200G and 4 x 50/100G.